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against Monsanto

Sonia Chopra of Chopra Koonan is proud to have been part of the plaintiff's trial team on the landmark case of Johnson v. Monsanto. On August 10, 2018 a San Francisco jury returned a unanimous verdict finding that Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer caused Mr. Johnson’s terminal cancer. The jury awarded $39.2 million in compensatory damages and $250 million in punitive damages against Monsanto for failing to warn consumers that Roundup causes cancer. This case represents the first of thousands of pending cases involving Roundup.

About us

Chopra Koonan Litigation Consulting is focused on providing our clients with valuable real world advice on how to succeed in all aspects of litigation. Sonia Chopra and Karen Jo Koonan combine our 40 plus years of litigation consulting experience with current social science theory to develop winning case strategies, effective witness preparation techniques, valuable pre-trial research, and game changing jury selection methods.

Sonia Chopra

Sonia Chopra Ph.D.

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Karen Jo Koonan

Karen Jo Koonan

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Litigation consulting services

Case Strategy

Case Strategy

We review essential case documents and testimony, and work with you to develop case themes and a story sequence that maximizes the persuasiveness of your message to the broadest audience possible.

Focus Groups & Mock Trials

Focus Groups &Mock Trials

Pretrial research allows you to gauge layperson’s reaction to case themes, key witnesses, worrisome facts, damage requests, notable parties, and controversial case issues.

Jury Selection

Jury Selection

During jury selection, we can sit with you at counsel table, taking detailed notes, and providing follow up questions based on juror responses.

Witness Preparation

Witness Preparation

We work with witnesses to improve their communication style by increasing their persuasiveness, confidence, and effectiveness.